Gwadar Property Future after Saudi Arab Investment of 15 Billion $  

Gwadar Property Future 2019

Gwadar Property Future after Saudi Arab Investment of 15 Billion $ :


Muhammad Bin Suleiman has come to invest in Gwadar Industry .  Saudi Arabia prepares biggest ever investment package for Pakistan & Imran khan has gone to make deal with Saudi Arabia 
Information Minister told the Arab daily that Pakistan is likely to sign a number of investment deals, including the construction of mega oil refinery, in Feb 2019 in the presence of a Saudi delegation. “This oil refinery project is the biggest investment project of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan”.
Saudi Arab is going to invest in Gwadar around 15 Billion $ which is huge project and this investment is going to increase the property investment also.
Haroon Sharif is the chairman of the Pakistan Board of Investment and he said that a 15 member delegation of Saudi Arabia visited Gwadar to finalise the MoU for Aramco oil refinery. “We have finalized the MoU for the construction of Aramco oil refinery,” he said, adding that “overall directions have been agreed upon and the agreement will be signed at an ‘appropriate time’.”
Haroon Sharif said that he is expecting around $15 billion investment from Saudi Arabia in the next three years. “The inflow of investment for oil refinery and petrochemical complex in Pakistan is estimated  between $6 billion to $10 billion.”

Gwadar is best for investment because its future is too good after Saudi Arab investment in this project.

Best Gwadar Project?

Gwadar Golf City is best for investment because it is almost development and ready for possession. Its map has also been launched. Gwadar Golf City has many facilities.

Gwadar Golf City Payment Plan

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